Q. What are your charges?
A. We charge a £20 weekly administration fee.
Q. Who pays the tax and NI?
A. SmartPay deducts all tax and NI contributions on a PAYE basis. All deductions are made at source when we receive your payment from your agency or direct client.  This means there are no unexpected tax bills at the end of the financial year to worry about. As with any umbrella payroll company, the Contractor will pay both employees & employers National Insurance contributions. Although paying both employee & employers NI will increase your liability, by routing your income through SmartPay you are able to claim expenses against your income which in turn will reduce your tax liability.
Q. Do I need to send you my P45?
A. Yes as it tells us which tax code we should be using for you. Please notify us immediately if you do not have a P45 in order we can we submit a P46 form for you to HMRC to have them confirm your correct tax coding.
Q. Will I get a P60?
A. Yes. P60s are issued at the end of each tax year. It’s vital that you keep this safe for your own records.
Q. How will I be paid?
A. We will always pay you upon receipt of cleared funds from your agency or direct client. Once the funds have been received, we immediately transfer your salary directly in to your bank account, with your funds available to you same day.
Q. What about holiday pay, sick pay and maternity/paternity pay?
A. Statutory amounts of sick pay, as well as maternity/paternity pay, can be claimed as long as you meet government guidelines. The rules for holiday pay are that you have to be paid for 24 days in a year providing that you work 5 days per week. The best way to deal with this is to allocate part of your income to holiday pay (calculated as a percentage of your gross pay at the current prevailing rate).  We then pay it to you inclusive of your net pay. As a contractor holiday pay is not a benefit you are entitled to receive - you negotiate your own rate of pay with the agency or direct client.  When you do this you should take into account what amount would cover you as holiday pay.
Q. What expenses can I claim?
A. The general rule for expenses is that claimable costs must have been incurred wholly, necessarily and exclusively for the performance of the assignment. Please contact us for advice if you have any questions regarding what expenses are allowable under the current rules. Please see our expense pages for guidelines.
Q. Will I need to complete a tax return?
A. You will be employed by Smart Pay and therefore should not need to complete a tax return. If you have additional income of any nature (i.e. properties, shares etc) alongside your arrangement with Smart Pay then you will be required to submit a return. In this case HMRC will send you a notification through the post.
Q. What about insurances?
A. You are automatically covered for Employers and Public Liability Insurance upon registration with Smart Tax.
Q. What happens if I leave SmartPay ?
A. If you decide to leave us remember there is no cancellation charge, you just need to let us know so that we can issue your P45.
Q. Is there any benefit for referring friends and colleagues?
A. Yes, we pay a bonus for all referrals made to us that use our services. Please contact one of our advisors for further details.
Q. What is my employment status?
A. You cannot now legally work in the UK without a contract of employment in some form and this carries certain responsibilities and obligations for the employer.

Smart Pay enters into a legally binding contract with the agency/end client. This contract states that we will supply them with a contractor who has the necessary skills to satisfy the clients’ requirements. The agreed rate for the services performed will be paid to Smart Pay over a prearranged period of time. The agency/client will choose to use a contractor rather than a permanent employee if they do not wish to assume the ‘employment rights’ that are associated with permanent employees.

Smart Pay has assumed those rights and subsequently 'employ' you; therefore the requirement for a contract of employment has been fulfilled.

Your status as a contractor will not be affected and your working processes will not be altered, but you will have the assurance that you are working in a manner which is completely compliant with current employment and financial legislation.
Q. Do I need to be concerned about IR35?
A. As an employee of Smart Pay, you will not fall under IR35 rules. You will be paid via PAYE only.
Q. What happens once I've been working at the same client site for 24 months?
A. When you have been at the same client's site for 24 months, or you become aware that your contracted period will extend beyond 24 months, your workplace is no longer deemed as temporary. Once you have breached the 24-month rule and you spend 40% or more of your time at the same site, you will no longer be able to claim travel between home and that place or accommodation expenses.
I found the staff to be very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable.
---Yaser Hussain (Contractor)